Halo 4 Slayer Gameplay - E3 2012

Halo 4 Slayer Gameplay at E3 2012
Last Time i’ll post this, in case any of you guys haven;t checked it out yet! Enjoy! (:
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Forgive my atrocious spelling.

> Forgive my atrocious spelling.

Not a chance…

40 lashes with a wet noodle for you!!!

OT: Thanks for the helpful post!!!

Ah, the moment has arrived, the moment where i get to allow myself to form an opinion on halo 4! Since the beginning halo 4 was announced, i told myself that i was not going to make any opinions(or rather, assumptions) until I saw a full- length game.
So far, here are my observations:
-VERY few wapons are found as pickups now. There are a few, like the rocket launcher, and rocket pistol I believe, but no DMR or BR ammo pickups are available anymore, and it can be inferred that grenades are not pickups anymore, or at the very least, rare.

-booster pack works much like evade, except it is a one-off ability, with enough “fuel” for only one boost per charge. The boost distance is also about half that on an evade. Will undoubtbly be invauluable for dodging splatters and the like, though it may be very fustrating as a person one-shot could theoretially boost when he/she’s one-shot and gain an upper hand and kill the previously winning player.

-A gametype featuring strorm rifles and carbines may feel more like a “classic” experience duue to the longer amount of time it takes to kill a player with them.

-wraparound (renamed Haven) is actualy a very small map and can be thought as spiritual succesor to Guardian. It’s a big circle on the lower level with 2 ranps to the top party floor (much like guardian) and another 2 pairs mancannons to the top center. 2 dropdowns are present on the jump from the ramps going from the bttom floor to the dance floor which lead back to the circle.

-weapons are much more useful in their intended niche. 343i got it right this time.

-a huge amount of sprint is alloted to players

-an “ordiance guage” is present above the sprint guage. It takes 5 kill to fill it, while 4 kills almost fill it up. It can be inferred by this that there may be a “perk” that fills the meter 10% faster, making it a 4-kill ord. drop rather than a 5-kill drop. More overshields for me, I guess…

-Hard light shield seems to be pretty interesting, and forces enemy players to adapt their tactics quickly to defeat it. Seems to be very balanced due to the fact that you can chuck a grenade under the shield and deplete it with 2 more shots from a pistol.

I relly hope that 343 allows us to remove every aspect that they have added in customs in order to give old-school players (like me) a chance to re-create classi gameplay, and add many weapons to the map.