Halo 4 skybox

We’re all used to the typical Halo ring skybox of the Halo trilogy.
While it’s possible a Halo ring may make an appearance in Halo 4, the majority of the game will most likely take place in a Shield World.
So what will the next signature skybox look like?
Here is a concept piece from Halo Wars link
Due to the sheer size of the Shield world, I feel that some of this may be faded out due to sunlight. I would love to see what a Shield World looks like at night from the inside.

I thought it wasn’t confirmed that Halo 4 will take place on a shield world…? I thought O’Connor said it was not a shield world? Can someone clarify?

Whether the Legendary Planet is confirmed to be a Shield World or not (I’ve heard people say it’s Onyx, but that’s completely ridiculous, since Onyx was made up trillions of sentinels, converged around a slipspace bubble), the skybox you’ve suggested would be amazing, provided 343i could pull it off (for example, making different areas visible from far away like mountains, deserts, and oceans, and provided that they add a sufficient level of detail to it)

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