Halo 4 Skulls *just an idea

*No idea if anyone else has posted something like this, not on the forums often, and maybe its to little to late.

In all the halo games since 3 (secrets in 2) has had an easy to use skull system to modify the style of the gameplay and we all know this by now, but since I’ve been striving to reach my 50th milestone recently, I came up with a bit of an idea.

When playing CE Anniversary I got the achievement for all the skulls, and since it looked like alot of fun I tried out the Bandanna skull (Infinite Ammo). I’ve gotta be honest, I don’t think I’ve had as much fun in a Halo campaign as I did with it, even though I its a campaign I’ve beaten years ago.

So it got me thinking (assuming skulls are returning in the first place), what about a 3rd tier of skulls? Bandanna could be one of them along with a handfull of others, like for instance a single layer of overshield, infinite sprint, or maybe even infinite armor ability use.

Of course this would disable campaign progress, achievements, and maybe even some types of challenges, It would still be alot of fun though.

God skull: activated.

I always wanted this!

It would be so good!
-No fall damage
-Super Jumps

They would allow getting out of the map, finding easter eggs… Awesome.


Best Skull was the Halo 2 skull that turned all enemies invisible.

This made the game really hard and lots of fun.