Halo 4 skill rank ideas

Remember in Halo 3 when you would view a players service record, you would see exp and highest skill achieved. I do like this system but I want to expand on it. First, each playlist would have its own exp and skill. Next to your gamer tag highest skill and exp rank for the particular playlist. You never know where a player earned their 50 in Halo 3. If a 50 earned it in team doubles, more than likely they aren’t as good as the 50 who earned it in team slayer. Service record should look like this:

Team Slayer: K/d. Win%. Highest Skill. Experience. Games Played.
Team Snipers: K/d. Win. Highest Skill. Experience. Games played
Team Objective. Win. Highest skill. Experience. Games played

I wouldn’t include k/d as a tracked stat for objective to promote winning instead of k/d ratio.

Who thinks this could work? If you disagree answer why?

Could work, still the game has gone gold. But is kind of good.