Halo 4 ShWATguns?

Anyone remember this gametype, it’s swat but you get shotguns. What if we had it in halo 4, with scattershots or boltshots as map pickups.

I wouldn’t mind seeing the scattershot or shotgun as secondary in Swat.

i have missed a gametype like this i know it is not mlg br style but still fun.

Agreed, it was fun.

I have a similar game type in my File Share if you’re interested.

How about SWAT with a SAW and then it can be called SAWT?

That would be great fun! (torment)

No. Shotguns are already overpowered. Shotguns + no shields would be even worse. The shotgun is so good, shooting someone with shields is like shooting someone without shields in Reach. Also, SAWT would be even worse. It takes like 4 or 5 shots to kill someone, and the SAW has ridiculous range.

Maybe Scattershots and Boltshots could work. Although the Scattershot is pretty random, so I don’t know. :confused: