Halo 4 should have a playlist for elimination slayer

Games of slayer where you only have 1 life - no respawn. Perhaps 1 point per kill and 5 points for being last person standing.

Elimination games are tons of fun because they add suspense to a game. They are especially fun on large maps in which you must make alliances (Hunger Games-esque). However, they are unpopular in custom games because people must sit and spectate so long if they die early.

The reason that a playlist would be nice: after you die, you can choose to either spectate or move on to a new lobby prepping for a new game. This would not count as quitting, however it would obviously affect your stats if you died early. This means there would almost always be players available to play with you in the playlist. This would also keep players involved in game after game without getting bored, while retaining the intensity of elimination games.

I think it would be a very addicting playlist that would keep players coming back for more and keep them glued to Halo.

I agree, a playlist with one life would be interesting and would add suspense to the game.

I would love this. Ever since gears 1, I always wanted a gametype like this in halo

Maybe a gametype in a social playlist, but not an entire playlist to itself.

Sounds like a fun gametype. I’d be up for trying it out in Halo 4.

Yes yes yes! Something like Counterstrike or Hunger Games would be amazing in Halo. I would certainly be addicted if they added it. They should, it would keep people coming back for seconds…and thirds and fourths haha; playing until they win.

We used to play it in Halo 2. It was fun unless you died early a lot of the times and had to spectate for most of the game.

Sounds like something pretty fun for Action Sack. Got to find someway to make it really fast paced, and add a timer to help eliminate (cwutididthere?) the campers.

> Maybe a gametype in a social playlist, but not an entire playlist to itself.

> Maybe a gametype in a social playlist, but not an entire playlist to itself.

It would have to be a playlist, otherwise your overall stats in elimination would be lame in comparison to games in which you could kill people multiple times. It would have to have its own set of overall stats, like Firefight. Also, it would have to be a playlist if they were to implement what the OP said about starting a new game immediately after you die. Other playlists would consider that quitting. Anywho, good idea OP!

After thinking about it, they should get rid of the Infection playlist and just have an “Elimination” playlist, in which there are Infection game-types and slayer elimination game-types to choose from.