Halo 4 Service Tags

Does anyone know if they’ve been extended?
It be cool if they could 5 spaces or 6 to spell out even more words.

Extended service tags would be nice though i haven’t found any news on regarding that subject ;/

From some of the beta and demo gameplays, you see 4-6 Numbers/Letters above teammates heads, so hopefully, its 6 as a max, I think six would be a good number for service tags

I’m sure people would be creative with the words they would put in the service tags Rolls eyes

I would love an extended tag, but 4 is the generic number in every game that has tags.

I’ve always been fine with short tags because I only ever use one Tag and I don’t try and spell any sort of word. I use a tag that’s distinctive and all my friends recognise on the spot.

“My X” Could you really ask for more out of a tag?

I liked when it was 3, but 6 could work…

I liked 3, but 4 wasn’t too bad either.

Always used 3 digits, so any more would be wasted on me, but personally I’d prefer it staying at 4. 6 seems like too much to quickly call out in an emergencey.

im happy with 4 but i dont mind if you could have 6

I’m personally happy with 4, but any additional slots could be nice for others.

There are various Screenshots and Videos out there where you could see that it’s still 4 letters. Personally I’m ok with that.

There should be five or six. Six’d be a better number and it’d work just as well.

I’ll still use my halo 3 one : A24