Halo 4 Service Tags - 8 Characters Long?

In this screenshot (and many others like it) from the UNSC Weaponry reveal, we get a very clear look at the possible service tag design in Halo 4. The service tag has 8 characters and is in the format of S058 343I. So two sets of four. The first set is the Spartan number, and the second set is the name.

Does this mean that we will be able to create service tags like S117 JOHN in Halo 4? Or is this just a gamertag? This addition to the service tag may be a feature of Spartan Ops, which is designed to include you in the Halo Universe. You are your Spartan Ops character. It would make perfect sense for Spartan Ops to give you a Spartan number, followed by your first name.

So do you think this is the new service tag design? Or just a gamertag? Or just a design used by 343 internally for these reveal videos?

Edit: False thread. In that same screenshot, there are two tags in the bottom right corner (Q880 in 1st, H218 in 2nd) that are probably the service tags. I’ve been looking at too many screenshots.

It could be just a special thing for 343i members only.
I highly doubt it will be any longer then 4 digits.

Probably the gamertag… Service Tags don’t pop up that close, and you can’t see enemy service tags IIRC.

I believe the “S058” segment is where the Gamertag goes, and “343I”, of course, is the Service Tag.

PS: S-058 = Linda lol

While that’d be cool and I look forward to it if that is the case, it is more likely that those are just beta tester gamertags.

Take what Bungie does for example.


Purely just for that moment in time. I don’t think that’s a service tag.
I don’t remember being able to see enemy service tags either.

That’s not the Service Tag that’s the Gamertag. It expands if you look at the other Player.

Completely forgot these are probably gamertags. Although it does look like it could be set in the game.

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