Halo 4 servers completely offline

The Halo 4 servers have always had some problems, but now they are completely offline, my spartan has returned to rank 1, the multiplayer playlists are only six and the Spartan ops are unavailable… It’s been like that for a day now, how long this problem will last?

I tried playing H4 yesterday for this weeks challenges and the server is completely down. just checked it and still no connection

Still down today.

I know they’ve been hit or miss ever since I started trying to work on those achievements… but it looks like it’s still down since at least Tuesday (last time I checked)… glad I got some challenges done already… but if they shut them off early, I guess that’s one achievement I won’t be getting…

Hope they’re back soon cause I’m trying to get my Spartan Ops achievements done.

I, too, have been unable to do Spartan Ops (or any multiplayer) all week.
Since Tuesday when I got my disk out, reinstalled Spartan Ops (and redownloaded the DLC, in case), I haven’t been able to do any Halo 4 online. I play in the evenings, US Pacific time, in case that matters.
Unfortunately, I am also only 2 challenges away from the achievement, but no challenges appear, either.
For completeness, as mentioned above, sometimes my Spartan shows as Rank 1, and sometimes it corrects itself.

Yep, down today too :frowning:

I just wanna play some Infinity multiplayer war games

> 2533274968403719;7:
> Yep, down today too :frowning:
> I just wanna play some Infinity multiplayer war games

Really? Now they are working for me, hallelujah!

Yep, everything was working for me this weekend. Spartan Ops has been very enjoyable; I’m bummed that I ignored it the first time around.

I’ve completely missed Spartan Ops until now and try to play it. I have an Xbox One and just bought Xbox Live Gold and it’s not working. It just says “Requires and Xbox Live Gold membership” even if I’m logged in an everything. Is the servers down again?