Halo 4 servers are unavailable - Persistent

I’m being disconnected from the halo 4 servers approximately 5-10 times an hour.

Restarting the game doesn’t always fix the issue though a restart of the console seems to.

Relevant information:

I physically transferred my old hard drive from a 360 slim which was overheating to a new slim. I performed a license transfer. I deleted all game files (including dlc/updates/saves) and re-installed from scratch. I deleted and re-installed my profile as well.

I literally have no idea what to do at this point but it’s making the game unplayable.

Any ideas?

Whoa, that’s definitely no good. Are you experiencing connection issues with other games as well by chance?

You may need to reach out to Xbox Support and see what would be causing your connection to the server to be so unreliable.

Since you did do a file transfer, however, be sure to check that there are no files that got corrupted along the way. You’ll know them by the yellow “!” they’ll have on them when you look through your hard drive.