Halo 4 Series Help Wanted! (Machinima)

Hello, My Name Is AaronStoneRider feel free to just call me Aaron on here. I am looking for people who can help in any and all ways of a Machinima series that I plan to release the very first episode early January sometime. I would like anyone who can do voice acting, help record,body acting, editing and visual effects of all sorts, scripts plots,summary etc including fans…

On other related news I will be updating this with a cast list and description as it improves. What I plan from this is to see how well it can do and see how far it can go which is why O value fans and supporters. Never the less I will be building a team/company.

Yes in a lot of ways similar to rooster teeth but not exact. If you don’t know them they make quite aloud of other stuff disregarding halo but there quite popular for there Red VS Blue Series of Halo.

So Yeah my company is SolarSkiesStudios much like I said in the first selection of the Post will need team like that and will consist of everything Halo 4 and future Halo games such as Machinima, Halo series of all sorts, tips and tricks, and achievement helpers, if it comes down to it we will start doing more then just halo, But that is not my decision it is all who participate in the team. They all get a say in it.

So if your interested GREAT! would love to hear comments from everyone! The channel dose have YouTube and Facebook already which is off to a pretty nice start.

Feel free to add me on xbox, make sure you use a text or voice

Youtube : www.youtube.com/SolarSkiesStudio
Facebook: www.facebook.com/SolarSkiesStudio
My Channels Email : HaloLegacyInform@gmail.com

Thanks For your Time!

Hiya! I read this through, am now I am wondering if there is any requirements to join other than having interest in helping out?

I would like to help out but can’t till i get a new xbox

Well It depends how you wanna help out. Like say voice acting that be more of having a good microphone for your desktop or laptop,if your more of the big picture kind of person then writing scripts and a story sounds good, if your a good editor then that could work or body acting? would require just xbox live and halo 4 simple stuff. Contact me if anymore questions about this feel free to.

well if you need any help in voice acting or story writing, i’ll pitch in and see how this will go. Gamertag is Cherubim67.

Aaron in one of the main characters right man and I will also be able to help out with the community

Ok, Thanks Guys the more help the better!

Get in touch with me on gmail or xbox AaronStoneRider or HaloLegacyInform@gmail.com

Hi my name is brent or as people call me on xbox SporaTic CaBon if you would like help im willing to help in anyway, iv done voice acting before and iv made a machinima group known as Digital Carbon Films, iv made my own and have been edoting videos or awhile so if you would like any help add me on xbox gamer tag SporaTic CarBon or if you would like to see the special effects and editing iv done check out my channel on youtube at youtube.com/DigitalCarbonFilms

I’ll do body acting if you still want someone?

Nice to meet you, Aaron. I would be happy to take a shot at voice acting. Also, if you happen to need help with the storyline of this machinima, I’d be happy to assist.