Halo 4 secret multiplayer armor variants

there are unknown versions of 3 armor pieces that are not in halo 4 multiplayer, if you go to the mission shutdown and look at the black in gold spartans they have a special left recruit shoulder and an unknown right shoulder and a special version of ricochet forearms these are ai only armors, i would like to see these added to the armor customization if possible i know its not that special but it has always bugged me that i could not have them.


What would those secret armor pieces do? Currently to the best of my knowledge none of the armor actually affects gameplay.

Armor pieces don’t have to do anything, and if you haven’t noticed they’ve added thousands of armor pieces across the different titles.


Did they? What do they all do? I mainly play CE and Reach, on which of them should I use my 362 yellow/blue cubes in order to maximize my effiency in those games?

You are well aware of what the armour does. You posted numerous times across various threads stating what they do.


Can you get screenshots?