Halo 4 Seattle Launch Event?

Have there been any announcements about a launch event for Halo 4? I’m hoping they do another release party at EMP, but if they are planning on doing one at a store (Bellevue BB, Redmond GS, BellSq MS Store) it would be nice to know sooner, rather than later, so we can get our LE pre-orders in before they sell out.

WEll man I’ve only heard about a launch event in Sweden, but that location is supposed to be secret (sorry I don’t know its location) anyways your topic of Seattle is interesting, as the suspected Halo4 ARG (Alternate Reality Game)whose website is http://www.lethbridgeindustrial.com/ has pictures on its links, one of which shows the Seattle space needle tower in the corner. Many Halo fans are melting their brains attempting to figure out this curious puzzle of which 343 has given us. Good luck finding what you are looking for!

To me it seems the LE been sold out like 3-4 weeks ago. When I pre-ordered mine around that time Gamestop and Amazon sold out. I got mine at Bestbuy and after ordering mine it was on there for another week before being sold out.

I checked all Major US sites selling the limited edition and they’re sold out.

Gamestop/EB Games

Sam’s Club
and so on.

Looks like you took too long…

But if you really care you can order from Canada, they still have their copies of LE