halo 4 season pass question

I bought the le witch comes with all the maps is it the exact thing as buying the season pass.? As in if i buy the le and get the season pass with it do i get the exclusive helmets and falcon emblems that come with buying the season pass without the le?

Yes, I’m pretty sure that you’ll get a scratch card (like the ones that give you 48 hours of XBL) in the case which will let you download the War Games Pass for free.

I’m not sure if the helmets and emblem are only to the season pass or not. I think you get them with LE, at least I hope.

Edit: Yeah i am guessing it will give you a code for the free pass and have the pass goodies with it.

Yes. You should get codes that you enter on XBL and they give you access to the Avatar goodies.

Thanks guys

We’re all hoping to get the helmets and falcon emblems with the LE season pass, but 343i has not confirmed anything yet. I tried asking bsangel and David Ellis on Twitter, but have not received a response.