Halo 4 season pass help

Does the strider and scanner helmets that come witn the season pass come with the season pass that is included with the limited edition

Im sorry but I never heard of a season pass coming with halo 4. and Im sure the only armor you get when pre-ordering halo 4 is the one from the retailer and a certain one that will not be discussed

Those Helmets come with the Map Pack Pass. If you have the LE game you will have a code for the Map Pack Pass. Also, if you buy the Maps as they come out you will recieve the helmits also.

I don’t know anything about the Strider or Scanner helmets.

As for the season pass: people who purchase the limited edition of the game will get free access for the first 3 map packs for Halo 4. People who do not purchase the Limited Edition can purchase a season pass to get access to the maps.

You can purchase the season pass without getting the limited addition. And yes you get the strider and the scanner helmets when you do so.

I feel people will ask this question repeatedly, even though the answer is already stated.

I think the season pass is a good deal, cos of its content. It’ll only be good is its purchased early though.

I wont need to worry about buying a season pass becasue Im getting the LE. I suggest everyone do the same!