Halo 4 SDCC 12 Posters (Signed) Child's Play

I’m auctioning three Halo 4 posters that are signed by some members of 343 as well as actors from Forward Unto Dawn, Jen Taylor, and Steve Downes. 100% of the proceeds go to Child’s Play.

More info on Child’s Play can be found here http://www.childsplaycharity.org/

I cover shipping, but this is a US only auction.

Please spread the word.


I dont have the money to purchase your merchandise at the moment since i just had some problems with my xbox but I will notify some my friends. they are huge halo collectors and this stuff is a gold mine in their eyes

I would love nothing more than to buy one of these off of you. I don’t want to imagine the conversation with my wife about why I spent $50 on a piece of paper, charity or not. She’s not the biggest Halo fan >.>

If I had the money, I would jump all over these. But I would like to voice my support of your choice of charity. :slight_smile: Child’s Play is awesome and I love that so many people in the Halo community think so too.

I support this thread. Thise poster are sweet especially with signatures and it a great cause. I may bid and I hate using eBay. Your doing kind things OP