Halo 4 ScreenGlass Video Zoomed in

So i was browsing the IGN videos via IGN app on xbox and stumbled across some interesting finds. I took pictures off phone, but they are blurry. If anyone wants to take pictures for the community go for it!

Heres some stuff that appeared:

  • Name (rank)? -

BA General. (not sure if this is a rank or the players name. They however had the “legend” rank logo with a progression bar. Halo 4 model in pic)

  • Decorations -

3 showed up in video, hard to make out, just seem like medals.

  • Spartan Ops -

Showed a progressive system that told how far you were along in the current set of missions (blurry)

  • Campaign -

Said last game was played 2/12/2012 (place holder is my guest)

  • War Games -

Players online 4,000,000+
Last Game 12/24/2012 (place holder im assuming also0

  • Challenges -

Weekly: ? (Said a name but was extremely blurry on my tv. Looked like something dealing with ordnance weapons)