Halo 4 save item as group idea ***Please Vote***

.i have poated all my forge ideas before but there is one really big feature i would like in halo 4 and that is the option to glue and save groups of objects to your fileshare. either you can make a group ingame , download a group for credits or free, and/or open up a seperate forge to save the items you added as a groups . thus you could make ahuge base and not have to glue all the items together. finally there should be a preview option to preview the groups you download in game and if you don’t like it you don’t have to buy it. please vote for this idea and try to make this thread shown.

Why should you have to buy it?

I actually posted something very similar to this the other day. I think this is a wonderful idea and I believe that 343i should definitely look into it. I don’t believe it would be too difficult, from a technical standpoint. However, I feel that we should also be able to save the grouped items and name it and possibly even share it through file share. I feel that it would help there be a closer relationship between 343i and the players if we could make items and bases that are grouped together objects that they can use of ours and we can use of theirs. I vote for this to be implemented as soon as possible. It’s annoying when you build a base and you need to move it/copy it and you have to move each individual piece. I hope 343i hears this call and at least considers it. Feedback from them telling us the chance and difficulty of implementation would great.

Yes, this has been mentioned by many people –

copy/cut/paste/drag/move/rotate (even groups of objects as a whole)