Halo 4 Ruined

I wanted to congratulate 343 for ruining halo. The player population has dwindled and you keep putting in updates to make everything geared more and more towards infinity gametypes and away from traditional Halo gameplay. You can find almost as many people playing H3 as H4 at any given time. About the only playlist untouched is snipers but I’m waiting on the day jetpacks are put in. The “ranking” system is a joke and no one wants to have to look it up online if they even care about the ranks since every playlist is ranked. Also, the beatdowns are ridiculous and not competitive at all. I haven’t heard of one person that likes to get caught in the five second long beatdown. Maps are too large, railgun is overpowered as is the shooting speed of the carbine. Just the thoughts of a longtime fan.

I feel that the maps are too small, personally. A couple of the DLC maps were large enough, and had good layouts, for my taste, and the other larges ones didn’t have layouts that I like.

I wasn’t a fan of any of the launch maps other than Adrift, but the DLC ones have, overall, been great.

That is what I think about the maps aspect of your complaint, and I don’t have anything to add to the rest because I love Infinity Slayer, don’t play Snipers, don’t care about the ranking, and am fine with the Beat Downs.

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