Halo 4 Roleplay?

I’m interested in starting or joining a roleplay group for halo 4. If anyone would be interested in taking part in this, message me on XBL or just reply to the thread. :smiley:

This belongs in the “Recruiting” forum.

I’d love to help you start a roleplay group but I will be very busy once my summer break ends (which is very soon). I’ll let you know if I am available, however.

There already is a roleplay here on the Waypoint forums. Be sure to check it out! https://forums.halowaypoint.com/yaf_postst102259_Infinite-Productions-Discussion-Forum.aspx

People actually role play on Halo? That’s awesome! You see it in Machinimas but I never thought people did this! :open_mouth: Will definitely be looking into this!