Halo 4 reviews happy about no Flood!

This is not in support of having the Flood in Halo 4!

Every time I read about how people are sick of the Flood and how they are in every game I sometimes wonder if these people even pay attention to the game they are playing and the story that goes along with the game.

First of all I do not recall seeing any Flood in Halo 3 ODST or Halo Reach so that is almost half of the games already without the Flood. I am not counting Halo Wars just for this instance.

Here is the thing for me.

The Flood were a huge plot point of the story so of course they are going to be in all 3 games. How exactly can they be any more annoying than frighting the Covenant for much more actually.

I just can’t help how people can complain so much about an enemy than is essential to the Halo Universe as the Master Chief. The danger the Flood presents is by far the biggest of any enemy.

Is it the fact that they are annoying to fight in the game? I can kind if get that because they were sometimes hard to track at times. In Halo 2 they were the most deadly in my opinion.

Anyway I just wanted to stick up for the Flood and just say why I think they were so important to the story and the game. It is hard to grasp the danger they present in the game as you fight them in small groups I suppose.

I also think that we will see them in the future of the Halo franchise. I just think there has to be a point where the last spore is killed or seen.

Long live the Flood.

NOTE: I think there is more to the Spartan Flood than just being for a game type. I may be wrong but I may also be right so keep an eye out to the future Halo games.

Bide your time. For I am positive our favorite parasite will be back in the next installment. If done right 343 can make us feel the same way we did about the flood back when we first me it CE.