halo 4 restarts b4 games and stuff

My friend’s halo 4 freeze-reloads game nearly everytime he tries to join a game or when game finishes.
We have done so many things and I’ll list them below:

  • Formatted the memorystick
  • Cleared systemcache
  • Deleted xboxlive account and restored it.
  • Tried a different xbox live account
  • Reinstalled game several times
  • Put the memorystick in a diffrent USB.
  • Cleaned the disc, no scratches.
  • Selected haddrive instead of memorystick to see if it helped.
  • Moved the XBL account from the memorystick halo 4 was installed on to the HDD.
  • Restored the xbox to factory defaults
  • Used a cable instead of the wireless internet
  • Used a 2nd cable to ensure the cable wasnt broken

Maybe more things which I cant think off right now.

The memorystick is made for xbox 360.
At this point we are gonna try the following:

Running halo 4 on his xbox 360 elite along with the memorystick to exclude the xbox being faulty.
If that doesnt work we will try and run halo 4 on his elite HDD to exclude the memory stick being faulty.

If that doesnt work, the only things remaining is probaly replacing the disc, anyone had this issue before? Please reply with your solution to the problem.
Everytime we’ve done something it has worked 2-3 games and then it starts again.