Halo 4 reset glitch + armor loss.

Hello all! A few weeks ago, I experienced a small glitch on Halo 4, my campaign was reset, and the newcomer start up screen appeared for Multiplayer. This was okay, as I had already completed Campaign, what made me a little bit angry is that my C.I.O Web armor had disappeared! I received this armor by pre-ordering Halo 4, and it was pretty sweet! After this occurred, whenever I ranked up, it said that I had unlocked the C.I.O Web armor, but when I checked the armoury, it was not there.

Has this problem occurred with anyone else? If so, did you lose any armor?

Also, is there a way for me to get my armor back?

Pre-order bonuses are managed via the Xbox Marketplace (even though they don’t appear there), so you should be able to search through your Purchase History and redownload it!

It worked, thanks!