Halo 4 - Reclaimer Unplayable

I am consistently getting a bug on Reclaimer in which the Lich doesn’t drop its gravity lift, soft locking any forward progress. I have had this consistently occur 4 times now and am unable to play through the mission. I can not pin point what exactly is causing it either, and I am playing through on Legendary Co-Op. If there is anyway to get this bug to stop please let me know, as it is currently the only thing preventing me from going for the under 3 hour achievement.

Hey OP, this is a known issue. There’s more details on the Halo support site

Alright, good to know its hopefully being worked on

I think I will check this out, go back to it and do it normally, to see if I get this bug too. Meanwhile, I just wanted to let you know that you can climb on it and destroy it as soon as it shows up. If you can’t go any further normally, you might want to try that.