halo 4 ranking

Idk about you guys but I think Halo 4 needs to go back to its old ranking system… I was just playing Halo 3 ranked team slayer and i was enjoying it a lot more then arena… Your actually playing guys with that are your level so the teams were even… So halo 4 should do halo 3 ranking system again unless they come out with something totally new…

i like things the way they are. the reach system allows people that do not always do multiplayer to achieve and increase in rank due to achievements and campaign games, rather than just multiplayer. also there is a true skill or something that runs in the backround that is suppose to level up the teams. i have had the majority of my games be fairly equal affairs. the one sided games come when people quit or when they do not work together. i think that it is fine. also your skill rating in on your page when you search your gamer tag. this is the best way to have a system. not everyone plays multiplayer and we all want ways to improve and achieve perks like new armor and such.