Halo 4 Ranking System.

I would like the 1-50 ranking system in halo 4 in ranked playlists. I would not like the XP system in halo 4 that was in halo 3 though. I’ve spoke to a lot of people about this system that I describe and they like it so I’m going to post it here.

Okay, unlike reach you will only be rewarded for the kills, multikills, sprees, medals, commendations ect. at the end of each game. Like if I got 15 kills in a slayer game and it was 4cR per kill, I would get 60cR at the end of the game. That is not including the credits that I would get if I got a spree or a medal ect. I don’t think halo 3’s XP system was any way good because if your team were crap, you will go down an XP. If your team are good, you could AFK and get a free XP. This way if you AFK, you will get 0cR at the end of the game.

What would you change?
What do you think?

I dunno man. I mean, the 1-50 ranking system wasn’t bad in theory. But there were just so many people who ruined it. Boosting and other means of manipulation ran rampant, then you had people making second accounts… And don’t even get me started about the idiots who came on to the forums and started preaching that anyone who hadn’t got a 50 wasn’t entitled to an opinion around here.

If anything, I’d prefer a Halo 2 style 1-50 ranking system. That wasn’t perfect either, it still had boosters and such, but there are powerful systems in place now to make sure people get punished for that sort of stuff. The second accounting wouldn’t be a problem because there would be a set amount of matches that you’d need to win before you ranked up, so you’d still need to prove yourself. Exploits aside, the Halo 2 ranking system also gave players more of an incentive to win matches because of the fact that it told you what you needed to do to rank up.

Not to say that I wouldn’t make any alterations to it, though. Reach’s Arena rating system was a good idea in the fact that people had to keep playing to keep their rank, or to see how they did against other players in a different season. I’d like to see something like that happen, for example if you hadn’t played a ranked playlist in 2 weeks or something like that, then you’d go down a rank.

As for the cR system, keep it as it is. It’s only a progression thing and wasn’t intended to show off skill in any way, it was only intended to be used as a way to unlock new armour and show others how much time you’ve put into the game.

Also I would consider myself an average skilled or skilled person at halo and my rank at halo 3 is Gunnery Sergeant.