Hello my fellow halo gamers I am Justin and i am here to talk about the Halo 4 RANKING SYSTEM. I understand that 343 has confirmed that the RANKING SYSTEM will NOT be like HALO 3 but in my OPINION i feel that 343 MUST have a RANKING SYSTEM similar to HALO 3 RANKING SYSTEM i understand that 343 does not want to have boosters and people selling accounts but lets face it this is going to happen no matter what and i feel that, that is a STUPID reason as to why they will not have a HALO 3 ranking system no matter what game it is we will always have hackers,boosters people that sell accounts no matter what and 343 should think of there more hardcore gamers rather then there new comers thats why we lost alot of hardcore gamers from halo 3 and halo 2 from halo reach the halo reach ranking system wasnt good all it does is show how much you no life the game not your actual skill and in halo 3 if you see a 50 or 45 you say to yourself wow that guys really good but in halo reach you see a high rank like eclipse or legend or mythic you just say yooo or ooo thats a cool emblem but it doesn’t really make you say wow this player is good im going to have to bring the best out of me theres no real reason as to why you should win a match in halo reach you STILL going to GAIN exp no matter what as to halo 3 if you lose a match your pretty scared and hoping that you will not go down a rank and with halo 3 you would have to win 5 matches 7 matches IN A ROW just to rank up and that makes you want to play and get that 50 and makes you really put all of your effort into that one game. The only thing that me along with the other HALO gamers is that we have a ranking sytem as to were we are able to brag about our ranks halo 3 went strong for the whole time it was out from the first day and even when halo reach came out people were still playing halo 3 why because of the ranking system if 343 makes a ranking system that shows skill HALO will be back we all know that the halo 4 campaign is going to be good and the spartan ops all that US HALO gamers want is a ranking system as to were we can have pride and brag about our ranks. we have a real ranking system HALO 4 can have the posability to become game of the year and i understand that 343 is doing these cool new things but i would rather have a legit ranking system then have a cool new oddball kill… all im saying is skillful ranking system and halo 4 will be AMAZING!!!

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> > Stop raping me!




Jeez your wall of text is sure an frightening one.

How unfortunate, the OP forgot to space out his paragraphs.

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I read through your wall of words and spaces. I enjoyed the Halo 3 system but i like the emblems better.
If it helps you feel better truskill is still running in the background of multiplayer because its part of xbox live not halo so when you win 5 matches just know you earned your way into that sixth match.

Didn’t read, lol!

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