Halo 4, Ranking system, weapons, Spartan 117


As like many, i have been playing the halo series since Halo Ce all the way through Reach. Although all the games blew my mind i would like to say that Halo 1-3 were by far the best. Heres a few opinions that i fell need to be observed and answered:

  1. the original open universe feeling and mystery surrounding the characters and the concept of the game was amazing

  2. The multilayer experience was very satisfying and epic. i relay liked the ranking system in Halo 3 where you have True skill. the true skill for me made the multilayer because it rewarded good players and didn’t let the average joe become the highest rank like in halo reach where you have the credit system. the credidt systems was a joke. it rewarded bad players and made the game less competitive. Please go back to the Halo 2.3 ranking system please.

  3. halo reach was a disappointment to many. Especially the armor abilities.

  4. Reach had very few weapons. Please Bring Back all weapons from halo 3 and more.

  5. bubble shield, active camo. ect. should be already on the maps and you should have to pick them up and not just hav them when you spawn like in Reach.

Please reply and tell me how you feel about these topics and agree that Halo 4 needs to stick to the Halo roots?!?!

I have a system you might like. (Ranks/true skill)