Halo 4 ranking system and thoughts about it

what do you guys think will be the halo 4 ranking system? what do you guys want the ranking system to be like?
I really want the halo 3/2 ranking system because it was the best and hardest which made the game greater and better

A system that is more focused on wins/loses. Something that is easily accessible to view.

Did someone ACTUALLY vote for reach.


> Something that is easily accessible to view.

i personally liked the reach system but i do agree with that part and i hope that you will be able to see peoples k/d very easily during matchmaking so that you know wat ur up against

I didn’t like how buying armor AND ranking up was both credit based in Reach. It would be better that you buy armor with credits and rank up with win/lose system

who the -Yoink- voted for reach?

> who the -Yoink!- voted for reach?

me… :slight_smile:

Do you mean Skill ranks or Progression ranks? New for both.

Anyone saying otherwise is ignorant or a fool.

I wish they had a No thank on this site for you

> Did someone ACTUALLY vote for reach.
> lolwut.

I voted for Reach because of post that I quoted.

Seriously though I couldn’t care less about the rank system I’m here to play

Wow, 17 votes. That totally represents the entire Halo population!

H3. Reach’s was good but it wasn’t skill based. Nothing new, there’s already a ton of new things being added to H4 and most of them are dumb, so let’s not mess with a new ranking system.

Halo 3 ranking system was flawed

Halo 2’s ranking system was amazing and hard to level up, it was awesome and perfect. plus clan battles.

The Halo 3/Halo 2 ranking system was the best from the rest. I hope this system is used for Halo 4. And please bring back "clan

battles" as many halo fans would like this to return. Also, I know I’m getting off topic but 343 Industries needs to stop making Halo 4

multiplayer like a “Call of Duty” game. The Franchise is losing its originality.

" One shot on my X!!!"

I just want them to come out and say what the ranking system is going to be, so I can stop hoping for the 1-50’s return. All of the signs are pointing against it so far.

I just wish 343 would make it similar to H3/H2’s ranking system. I cannot stand Reach’s ranking system with credits and all that bs. Stop making a game like COD. So many people have quit halo and will continue quitting halo because of -Yoink- ranking systems.