Halo 4 raider DSTT torso not unlocking

I’m seeing that others in the past have had this same issue and I’m not sure if there was ever a fix, I did all of halo 4’s campaign solo on legendary on Xbox one and went onto my Xbox 360 to collect the Raider DSTT Torso but it keeps saying I still need to do the campaign solo on legendary. I checked my progression on halo waypoint for the Xbox 360 and it shows that I have halo 4 fully complete on legendary both solo and co-op. I am able to say that waypoint is tracking your progress because I just unlocked the Raider DSTT shoulders. It just seems to be a problem with the torso and the helmet. Hopefully 343 fixes this problem since the only reason I am attempting to even unlock these pieces of armor is because the legacy halo servers will be shutting down in December and I would like to be able to claim my last avatar award for halo

We’re on the same boat, fingers cross for an update before December but I doubt it will happen, sigh.

I have also done the campaign solo legendary but waypoint app on 360 doesn’t unlock DSTT torso! Wondering if I should even bother with the spartan ops

Update: I have done the legendary spartan ops requirement and that one unlocks fine, its just this one for beating solo legendary campaign that won’t register

Raised a ticket with their “support” team and they just tell me that they don’t deal with waypoint and to check these forums for assistance then close my case. I reopen and said that clicking the support tab on halowaypoint.com directs to support.halowaypoint com (which is where I raised my ticket), they just keep saying they are “Halo support” not “waypoint support” so are unable to assist and keep closing it off.


Now they’ve closed it a fourth time without resolving the issue

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