Halo 4 Quest?????????????....

in halo 4 do you think there will be a point were the remaining covy says well this new threat is killing us lets just make a peace treaty and join the humans would you like this or not? and not just turned elites, i mean brute,grunts,buggers,jackals,hunters etc?

I wouldn’t like it in terms of gameplay because i enjoy fighting covies and it provides more variation, even though it wont be the primary enemy in the game. From the side of the story i think that there will be a faction of covenant that ally with humanity and another that is against him (this i based off of reading glasslands)

I prefer to fight the Covenant but what could happen is one of the species make a peace treaty with the humans and some don’t and the whole Covenant goes completely corrupt.

well they did it to fight the flood then went back to fighting each other (in halo legends)

I hope you’ll be fighting both. Like when you have to kill the flood AND the Covies in Halo: CE.

yes,the more the merrier.also it would be great if we get a rare item defeating a boss along our quest.

Let’s face it. If Chief ever paired up with the grunts they would be a force not even the forerunners could handle. They would be TOTALLY unstoppable.