Halo 4 PUZZLE MAP (DeadLocked)

Hey, guys what’s up, today I’m bringing you my new puzzle map.
so I’ve been working on this since the game came out and it just took me endless hours to come up with all these new puzzles, but it is finally here!!
It’s 2 Player Co-op Only, One Guy on red team and one guy on blue team.
you can download it this way:
1: start up ur xbox and start up halo 4
2: click start go to settings and files and go to file browser
3.go to map variants and game types
4. go to file share search
5. type in: MarcoStyle NL
6. download the map and gametype and ur ready to go!!
Also first ones to complete this map receive 800 Microsoft points each :slight_smile: so go ahead and grind this amazing journey!!
More Info will be posted soon It’s just that i don’t have much time but here is my trailer.
Halo 4 Puzzle Map, DeadLocked - YouTube
Halo 4 DeadLocked Puzzle Walktrough, Alpha - YouTube
More Coming Soon!!!

Loved this map, took me and my mates atleast 3 days to finish it, but after many arguments and betrayals, we finally did XD.