Halo 4 Publicity Ideas.

I have had a couple of ideas if how Halo 4 could make some publicity for itself. My first idea is similar to what Gears of War 3 did last year. Gears 3 had American Chopper’s PJD make a custom Gears of War themed chopper. My idea for Halo 4 would be slightly different, but the same idea. There are 2 gun themed shows on Discovery, American Guns and the show with Redjacket (I can’t remember the shows name right now). What they should do is have one of those shows create a real, functioning gun from Halo 4, preferably the BR, DMR or AR. It would be pretty sweet to see a real working gun from Halo 4 don’t you think? Recommend other ideas MS and 343i should do to create some publicity for Halo 4.

Well I think that the Live action web series is a good idea.
I also like what they done the year Reach was released, in London, they had Spartan’s dressed up and one flying on a jetpack.

Anything to putting posters up on the street helps I guess, I also reckon Microsfot should put alot of TV Ad’s in, that would get more advertisement.

Would would be really awesome, in my opinion, would be having Halo 4 featured during the London Olympic Games. I doubt that would happen, but that would get a lot of publicity, and would be a good move imo.

Make a Battlefield 3 style trailer