Halo 4 Problems Discussion

Subject: To discuss why Halo 4 is extremely unpopular compared to when Halo 3 was the newest Halo game

What do you guys think? To me, there is only one reason Halo 4 is not as competitive and big as Halo 3: us.

See, I was playing Halo 3 today and watching a Halo 4 stream, and saw very little competitive difference except for personal ordinance, which I don’t like. However, if you want it to be competitve, you can change it or remove it, like the did with the AA ordinance in Throwdown. I believe that the community has just given up on Halo and gone with the crowd, complaining about minor detail issues, when, in reality, if Halo 3 just came out you all would probably complain MORE, asking for ordinances and sprint, which is a big reason these were put in the game, because we asked for it. We need to be grateful for this game and HELP make it more popular and competitive than just complaining.

The only other thing I noticed that made H3 better was visible Competitive Skill Rank. I received 3 Friend requests and 5 invites in the past 2 days in H3 because of my skill [and 2 reports for being a “HACKER” haha :)]. That’s HONESTLY more than I’ve received in Halo 4 in the past 2-3 MONTHS because no one cares about playing with good players since they only have to play to rank up (in SR). Halo 3 was more fun because you could meet new players more.

If you disagree or think there are more problems to add, such as descoping and flinch, feel free to comment. And if you agree, state your reasons! Thanks!

God Bless you :slight_smile:

Basically Halo 4 strays too far from the Halo formula, adding ordnance, no descope, sprint, classes etc. This makes the game weak at both a causal and competitive level. On top of that, the incomplete nature of the game at launch and frustrating features such as JIP turn people away from the game.

Also I can guarantee almost no one asked for ordnance and sprint - most players would kill to have them taken out.