Halo 4 Preview event in Scotland :)

Hello my fellow scots :slight_smile: I bring great news.

HMV in Edinburgh and Glasgow are holding a Halo preview event on the 25th and the 26th of october completely free :slight_smile: All the details can be found here.-> http://www.gamerbase.com/?a=post&id=135847 and for the english HMV London and Manchester are doing the same.

Also the Glasgow HMV are holding a lockin fort the launch of Halo 4 from 8pm on the 5th of november till 8am on the 6th. There will be prizes to be won and tournaments to take part in and details for this can be found here -> http://www.gamerbase.com/?a=post&id=137773

I will be deffinetly going to the previews and lock in. :slight_smile:

Im going London :slight_smile:

im going to all :slight_smile: