Halo 4 predictions and thoughts

The point of this thread is to voice and share any predictions or thoughts you’ve had about Halo 4.

-I only have 2 and they are, when the halo 4 beta will start and who the main enemy will be.

Beta launch prediction-Halo 4 releases holiday 2012 which i’ll guess means november, games usually go gold about 1 and a half months before launch so i’m thinking halo 4 will around mid september,after a beta i would say a developer would need anywhere from 1-2 months of tweaking and that brings us to mid august-july, xbox betas last around 3 weeks which brings us back to around late june or early july. So in conclusion I can’t see the beta starting any later then july of nextt year.

Main enemy prediction-Since on the halo 4 website they say there is an acient threat that threatens the universe im gonna say it’s the forerunners because humans and forerunner had a war like millions of years ago and if the forerunners decided to protect the covenant and human species from the halo blast and now they see that we’re having a war then maybe they think that they made a mistake and that they need to wipe us out again.

the beta will prolly come april-july 2012 to give them time to soak in the feeedback

I predict a riot!

Oh… I just couldn’t help myself. xP

I predict that Halo 4 will have a strong relationship with one of two new books series, either the post-war one being kicked-off with Glasslands by Karen Traviss, or the Forerunner saga written by Greg Bear. Or perhaps even both. Time will tell. I’d love to see a Bornstellar reference in Halo 4 somewhere hehe.