Halo 4 Power Nap

GameStop Midnight Release Party

So who’s taking a nap today, even if it’s a quick 10 min power nap, in preparation for a long night with Halo 4?

Spartans don’t take naps! They go SWTINA! (Snoozing When There Is No Action!)

The Plan:

-Get off work @ 5
-Grab some double xp products on the way home
-Arrive home at 6, maybe catch up on some story bits from previous halos/waypoint vids
-Walk dog, eat dinner
-Nap til 10pm
-Head to gamestore, trade in a few for the 30% bonus
-Get game
-Rocket race home
-Pwn n00bs

Definitely, lol. I want to be awake enough to appreciate the game and not tired, thinking of going to sleep. For any new game, I always get some sleep in before playing.

I’m too jumpy for sleep. Maybe while I’m waiting for them to start handing out copies, although I’ll probably be too hyped up on Mountain Dew.

What do you think i’ll be doing on the boxes of Halo inside the backroom.

I’m so tempted too, I just got home from an 8 hour drive and I’m exhausted.

I tried sleeping but my inner nerd is keeping me awake

I remember reading a post in a forum that this guy was going to a midnight launch for a game and he asked the store assistant what will they be doing for the launch, and he said that there will be food and a DJ. But when the guy got there all there was, was a bowl of dorritos and someone playing music from their ipod.

I usually run on 4 hours of sleep anyway. So missing it isn’t going to be too bad. I’ll just have some Mountain Dew and I’ll be good to go.

> Spartans don’t take naps! They go SWTINA! (Snoozing When There Is No Action!)

This cracks me up. If your that excited, you shouldn’t need sleep anyways.

I’ve got an economics class from 5 to 8, so I’m about to take a nap til 4:30. Then, I’m taking another one from 8 to 10, then heading off for the midnight release party at Gamestop.

I’ve got to get a bit of sleep. I can’t drink anything with caffeine in it (it’s a health thing), and I’ll be staying up all night to play the campaign. Once I get done, who wants to go into matchmaking with me around 6 am?