Halo 4: Poser Pack [Idea]

Hello and welcome to my thread, within this thread I hold some ideas/examples to an pack which I would recommend good ol’ 343I to make.

When looking through my current stances, I felt that it lacked a bit; though the Champions Bundle added a good 9 whole stances, including the somewhat hidden “Determined” stance, I felt they could add just a bit more. The “more” they would add could be quality of cosmetics kind of stuff, along with a missed opportunity or two.

So, without further ado, I’ll get into it. I’ll explain these “missed opportunities” later in this post.
I feel it could use more stances, so I took the liberty of taking a Spartan model I have laying around, and show a few I put together while making this post.

First up is a stance I felt the pack lacked. We have stances showing loyalty, badassary, being threatening, ETC… But one we lack, is one looking somewhat pissed off. This one would automatically come with the pack, like a majority of stances.

Stance: Grudge

Next one up is the equivalent to the “Determinded” stance, but is instead something for those who beat SLASO/LASO. I mean, an emblen is nice, but a stance is even nicer.

Stance: Chieftain

Now, the final stance I posed. This also covers what I said earlier on “missed opportunities”. I say this, as in there’s a lot of poses on game covers, like the Chief looking at the fourth wall on Halo CE’s cover, or the Chief on Halo 2’s cover where he’s dual wielding SMG’s. This is showing just one, and I think it’s one we all know. This stance also automatically comes with the pack.

Stance: Unto Dawn

This stance was based off the Chief on the cover to “Halo: Forward Unto Dawn”.
[Seen here]

So, those are my ideas, and I’m stickin’ to 'em. Just thought I’d share it with you all, and maybe contribute to this Halo, or a future Halo.

Feel free to post your own ideas, they’re always fun to hear.

Thanks for reading!

I love them. Seems a cool idea for Halo 5.
Instead of having them all unlocked through DLC, I would rather see the majority of them being unlocks for achievements in game.

Currently there is little way of showing achievement in Halo 4 with ranks not being visible ect. If we unlocked stances for in game achievments like reaching a 50, we would have much more to show for it. It would also give people an incentive to play more to unlock these achievements.

A ways to unlock weapon skins and stances could be by
-25% of the way to max rank
-50% of the way to max rank
-Hitting max rank (assuming we have a system similar to Reach alongside a CSR)
-Having a True skill of 40 in any playlist
-Having a True skill of 50 in any playlist
-Having a CSR 40 in any ranked playlist
-Having a CSR 50 in any ranked playlist
-Achieved a 45 in Trueskill or CSR in the competitive playlist (Throwdown/MLG)
-Completing the campaign on solo legendary
-Completing the campaign on LASO
-Completed 500 games
-Completed 1000 games
-Completed 2500 games
-completed 5000 games
-Got a Killionaire
-Got 5 or more exterminations
-Got an Unfrigginbelievable
-5 or more Perfections
-All non DLC achievements
-Playing on special occasions e.g 343 day
-Obviously commendations also

^ these were just a few ideas.

Nice man, I made a post last night about having the stances from all the Halo games! :stuck_out_tongue:

I must admit that I have steered clear of this thread because I read “poser” as something negative. I finally read the whole thing and looked at the images, and I still have a sneaking suspicion that this whole thing is a joke.

However, the fact that I saw poser as a derogatory word being used in a pejorative sense points out that I am way older than most of y’all on here; along with the fact that I seem to be the only one thinking this way does not make me hesitate in responding. If this was a sarcastic thread intended to point out our ridiculous concerns with how our Spartans stands I say “Bravo!”. I also include myself in those ridiculous concerns. I do have way too much care and thought into how my girl is looking today.

If this was not sarcastic in any way, then I still am amazed and impressed. My favorite is the LASO stance, and would possibly work harder to complete one of those challenges if there was a stance to go along with it.