Halo 4 Port number? (Port Forwarding)

What port should I forward for it? some website said maybe 80 tcp or something for halo games? I’m bad with network things though… So please help because i cant ever play this game that long.

you shouldn’t have to port forward…

As far as my knowledge goes, there’s no port for any game individually. However, you should port forward to XBOX LIVE in general.

heres a link ; http://support.xbox.com/en-US/xbox-live/connecting/network-ports-used-xbox-live

It helps a lot, and everyone should do this to open their NAT.

Ok thank you, Black Ops II wouldnt work for me and i called my internet service and had them forward 3074 or whatever that one is and now the game works like new, so i guess i need to call my internet provider and have them open up one or two