Halo 4 Population?

Just curious what is the average population of halo 4? I heard it’s not too big. Have not been on the 360 since I got the Xbox One on day one.

It ain’t too big. Maybe 9000 a day. Some people right now are looking at reach having a much higher population and acting like that proves this game is “bad”, but they don’t realize that half of Reach’s population is because it went free to play

I still think Halo 4 is better then Reach

Halo reach population is 35000. Halo 4 is 15000 or 5000. But reach for a limited of time went free to play a little while ago.

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> I still think Halo 4 is better then Reach

I would agree H4 is better than Reach.

Around 7000

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> Around 7000

Yet I still can’t find a single person who wants to just play casual games with me sob

Halo 4 > reach

I played at the start of the week, and had no problem connecting to a game. Once you get into a lobby you do need wait for a couple of minutes though because there aren’t insane numbers of people online at any given time like with COD or other games…