Halo 4 population today about an hour ago

Signed on and went into halo 4 saw the population was well basically like 5k so i decided to go to halo 3 instead and its at around 7k and im getting games faster in halo 3 today then halo 4,

Anyone else notice this?

Current Playlist population is 44,232.

today has been the worst day I have had for H4 for downright unplayable games.I have had to quit 2 where I was doing well.
The fist one was going to the scoreboard no joke every 5 seconds.
The second one had monster lag even by H4 standards and when I died Icouldnt respawn.
I have also had a couple of Reach matches and it was running flawlesly.

I notice that getting into a game with Halo 4 is painfully involved. I have to avoid JIP by backing out with my network settings, some times two or three times in a row. Then I finally get into a party and we go into game successfully. Round trip? 5+ minutes.

I never remember Halo 3 or Reach taking 5 minutes on any regular basis.

JIP needs to be made optional. It is really cramping my interest in the game. I have found myself abandoning Halo for EA’s RISK Factions. I may have to wait 5 minutes or so for a full party of 5, but at least the game last much longer than the wait.

Honestly the lowest I’ve seen the overall playlist population was at around 22 thousand at 7 am EST. As long as I can find a match that is laggy, I have no problems with population size.

Seemed fine when I played earlier today, to be honest the population has almost shot up by 20,000 overall.

People are getting antsy for those ranks.
I did notice some weird server glitches where it looked like they kept resetting, so maybe a little maintenance on 343’s end.

Well its 9:54 in NZ right now and population is:
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Well, it’s weekend, right?

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