Halo 4 Poems - Post Here

I wanted to share my motivational, Halo 4 poem which I sent to my friends in anticipation and excitement of Halo 4:

‘I want to KILL beyond SPACE & TIME. To be the best, the most true to life, the most SUPERLATIVE. To be ON THE EDGE, OFF THE EDGE and EVERYTHING AROUND IT. I am the SUN, EARTH and GALAXY.’

Please post your own Halo 4 poem here, in the running days up to launch on November 6th.

I like halo
its really cool

Haha, they do say simplicity is brilliance. Excellent use of italics and thankyou for contributing your magic to this thread, it was poetic.

Halo so clean,
like spear
but 4
the 4
4 unto dawn
is door unto dawn
beware the dawn is coming
and fallen are rising
living are dead.

Paradoxical, Mystical. Excellent stuff Osqutin. Indeed FOREVER THE FOUR. I’ll remember that line forever and eternally.

All those prometheans got nothin’ on me
‘Cause I’m the Master Chief, yeah the real OG!
Landin’ on Requiem and blasting up grunts,
A knight shows his ugly face so I give em’ a punch.
Gimme that DMR, BR, LR, and Carbine
So I can rack up all the headshots on kids online.
Busy rankin’ up my Spartan 4
So I can unlock those tac packs, guns, and more.
From campaign to MP, to Spartan Ops,
I’m gearin’ up for Halo 4 and just can’t stop!

More of a gangster rap than a poem…cause I’m so gangster…not really…


That BLEW me away NUT, your our SUPREME WINNER so far. Your use of rhyming was sick, insane and beyond the level of greatness, magnitute and degree. You have truly captured the essence of Halo 4.

Please keep posting guys, all Halo poems are good poems, regardless of skill or complexity.

Sweet sooooo what do I win? A copy of Halo 4?

jk :stuck_out_tongue:


PS: thanks so much for the kind words :slight_smile:

Wake up, our hero, wake up from your dreams
Things aren’t what they seem
wake up from your dreams
You float aimlessly in space on Forward Unto Dawn
Forward unto your destiny where your humanity will be reborn
Wake up, our hero, wake up from your dreams
Nothings as it seems
wake up from your dreams
an ancient evil await, wake up to a nightmare.

Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
Master Chief is Green
and Cortana is Blue.

Wait, we make poems for Halo games? Cool.

> I like halo
> its really cool
> yaaaaaaay

Halo 4
Hurry up
You’ve got me stuck in a rut

That’s all I got, isn’t it great?
-cricket sounds-
Right… I’ll just leave now.

Not a single grunt left alive
i will be the one here to thrive
and since there is no covenant
that means there is no revanant
And that means that even I cannot drive

Spartans are Red
This thread is old
Don’t revive old ones
Now you’ve been told :slight_smile: