Halo 4 Playlist& game type ideas

So I’m really excited about halo 4 and I just dream about it all night long! So I came up with some ideas for playlist that may interest some of you

Legendary/classic mode
For those hardcore halo fans who played since the beginning,
here is a playlist that gives the classic halo experience the way you love it!
(No sprint, no armor abilities and no specializations!)

Capture the flag
(Also a BTB Classic playlist for this )

Living Dead
Zombies are back and they’re creepier than ever! All infection gametypes here!

Save one bullet
Infection(infinite ammo)
No trace( scattershots instead of shotguns)
holdout( KOTH with a mix of infection. There are certain points on the maps where the survivors must go. Every other place is a death boundary. It changes throughout the match.)

Action sack
crazy fun and games! Come here for a good time!

Hog potato
Lazer tag
Power slayer
Team tug a war( Every time you die, your entire team suffers. Each death takes 1 point away! score limit to 15, or 25.)

Community Submittions
To recognize the hard work that all those forges out there do. This one is for them. Try something new from average community members like you!

The way this would work is there would be a place in the file share where you would fill out a little form and send in you maps you made and have them evaluated.

343’s picks!
This is like bungie favorites, except the maps are put in to this playlist for the week!

So that’s what I got for now. So what do you think?


All of this is win.

Personally, I think your KOTH style idea should be default Infection. It would cut down on camping, which is something Infection REALLY needs.

I cant belive you would do something like this:

Oringinal idea THAT YOU STOLE

The OP was a great one,gave credit ,stole none,and updated his list regualr…so great,taht a SECOND list was made on page 6

You had me at BTB Classic