Halo 4 players need to grow up

Please don’t make this an argument over what is op and needs to be removed. I just want to rant about the immaturity of a lot of halo players (and I don’t just mean the screaming 12 year olds… “adults” too).
Sorry just needed a place to rant.

I am sick and tired of players accusing each other of hacking because it was impossible for them to die when they were standing in the open in plain site of a decent sniper (4 times in a row… seriously you have to be insanely stupid to do that). Just accept that there are players that are better then you! Even I have my bad days where I can’t seem to land very many hits but you don’t see me running my mouth off at the guy who killed me calling him a lag hacker.

For example, just last weekend this guy by the name of Dr. Richtofen (yeah like the guy from cod zombies) messaged me after a game saying that he, “used real skill” unlike me who used an aimbot to kill him (he was being serious too… it was really sad). Honestly, would you expect to last very long against a semi-skilled player on a gauss turret that you alerted to your presence by missing five “freebie” shots? (on top of that he tried at least 7 times… same result… he didn’t even try a less predictable route)

Anyone else notice this problem as well? Seems to me like it happens more in Halo than any other game.

This kind of thing happens because some people are thick. No wait, dont get angry listen for a moment. If you are a smart person you will understand that there are things you DONT understand, but you can educate yourself on the subject matter. Thick people hear something said and they regurgitate it repeatedly without actually know what it is or how it works or how its done.

As a person of reasonable intellect, and as someone with experience in what a REAL aimbot looks like and how it performs, I will not accuse someone of using an aimbot unless I can see for myself from a theatre replay of the round that same player making repeated impossible shots. Impossible as in; A 1sk HS from across the map unsighted with a snapshot, and then repeat the feat multiple times in rapid succesion on targets that there is no way in hell that the player could know was even there let alone target.

People need to educate themselves on what a REAL aimbot looks like and how it works. Go to youtube and watch some of the aimbot replays from CoD titles over the years. You see the crosshairs jump across the screen and get perfect HS every single time, nonstop, on every enemy target there is in range.

That is what an aimbot looks like. When you then view players in H4, you will almost never see such things happen. You may on extremely rare occasions see such actions take place. When they do, report it to MS via the dashboard reporting tools. MS will take action on modders and jtags. They ban hudreds of people every week, both profile and console bans. Just take a look at the Xbox forums ban section and see for yourself.