halo 4 PHYSICS ---RAGDOLL-corpses etc...

PHYSICS and ragdoll corpses in HALO REACH and halo 3 are great and FUN
explosions corpses flying, dead elites corpses-ragdoll that react to your melee atacks and shoots are great

halo 4 is not from bungie and I have fear that these little but very fun things can be forgotten for the new programmers or do not give much IMPORTANCE as bungie died in the past

From the little gameplay we have seen the corpses do seem to still have “ragdoll” physics after death.


Scorpions that randomly go flying.
Wraiths that randomly go flying.
AI that go flying due to vehicle collision.
Getting splattered by AI actions or by the AI themselves.

This kind of stuff is all good and fun but it gets in the way of serious activities.

If all I’m trying to do is get a tank down to a lower level instead of going around since it’s so slow, I shouldn’t end up spinning like crazy after touching the gorund.

If I collide with an AI at top speed, then they should be dying, not go flying into the air.

If I drive over a pebble, I shouldn’t get flipped out.

And if I enter a room filled with small scenery items and my allies start kicking things around, I shouldn’t be dying from those small, minuscule scenery items. Yes, these kind of deaths are funny. Cone deaths are funny. But it would be much better if it could be controlled.

Another thing I don’t like about the newer Halo games: grenade detonations. In CE and H2, dropped grenades would explode, right on the spot. Could be used strategically. In H3 and Reach, grenades go flying, in seemingly random trajectory. It’s very disappointing when you have a large amount of grenades but you can’t melee them (into position for tricking) without blowing yourself up nor can you detonate them for a massive chain reaction.

Plus, the physics aren’t that great in the vehicle department:

-vehicles have little to none traction. H2 vehicles had a lot of traction and was one of the things I liked about H2’s vehicles. The H3 Prowler is definitely dumbed down from the Spectre and the Reach Wraith is absolute -Yoink-.
-once rammed against a wall, the vehicle gets stuck and it’s a pain in the -Yoink- getting it unstuck.

In CE, the vehicle bounces. Though this is annoying when you’re trying to move vehicles, it’s great when you’re doing anything else. The Silent Cartographer door skip would be much more difficult without this bounce.

-splattering AI is unreliable in H2 and H3. In Reach, if you’re at top speed, it’s easy. If you’re not, it’s just like H2 and H3.

In CE, you can splatter a line of AI easily. Though it is annoying getting splattered by your own vehicle or by an allied Ghost, I like that I actually can do some damage with the vehicle rather than having to get out because it’s about to blow up or because it’s made for mp. In H3, if you’re not in a ghost or wraith (which have boost), you’re just going to be able splatter about half of the enemies, especially if they’re moving around.

What I do with my Wraith on The Storm, this is actually quite rare. It can take a lot of attempts and response time can vary. The required “button combo” can also vary.

<mark>TLDR: I’m not asking for realism. Notice I mentioned CE, which had unrealistic physics. I’m asking for more refined and controllable physics.</mark> Because I’m tired of being victim of bs.

It’s fair that the AI can splatter me 9/10 but I only get that kill 7/10 of the time? That the AI can easily move large objects while it takes me an eternity to move them on my own? At least in CE, I could take advantage of physics. At least in CE I felt like I was as powerful as the AI.

Like a grenade should make half-ton spartans fly through the air…