Halo 4 PC Petition

This is a petition to get Halo 4 on the PC. If ported correctly this game would sell very well in the PC community. Halo 1 and 2 are still active today. If ported to the PC, Halo could have mod support and could possibly revamp games for windows live. With up to date graphics the visuals would be outstanding.

If you are interested please take a moment to look at and sign the petition.

This is a great idea! Hopefully we can get enough supporters behind this petition. I just signed it and I am gonna try to spread it through out the pc gaming community.

Sorry, but it’s not gonna happen :confused:

Nope. Halo is an xbox exclusive and should stay that way.

Its a decent cause and all…

But petitions are against forum rules

Petitions are not allowed on the forums.

Also, not gonna happen.

Sorry petitions are considered spam.