halo 4 party system vs halo 3 party system

Just want to see peoples opinions on the pros and cons of the old party system compared to the new party system. I believe that the halo 3 party system was much better and should be used instead of the new one that they have put into place. The old system you used to be able to party up instantly after you played your match with the people on your team, and only the people on your team without the hassle of having to send requests and back out of the game. The new one you are forced to stay in the lobby with everyone involved in the game. I liked the old way where you were matched up then after the game if you chose not to party up you were put into another search with players on your team and only the players you chose to be on your team. For instance what is going to happen when they put into play the competitive ranking systm. are you really going to want to be teamed up with people you dont want to be teamed up with just because they didnt leave the lobby?

The halo 3 menu system was 100% better than the current one in every way possible. It annoys me how it is so inconvenient just to look at who is in a party with you plus it looks like im playing poker with all these spartan cards in the matchmaking lobby. I mean the menu isn’t that big of a deal for me in halo but this one is such a downgrade from the previous games its amazing.