Halo 4: Party-Chat FREE playlists.

This worked great in Call of Duty for Search and Destroy. It was very tactical and required players to either not use a mike or talk out in the open. This promotes so many conversations as those who choose to play are not all gathered in a massive party!

Party’s are great for dashboard camping/arcade games but it takes away so much of the experience from gaming. When you are the only one not in party chat because no one is on that morning you can’t talk with anyone! Remember the good ol’ days of Halo, before Party-Chat was invented? People talked with each other in every game unless they removed their mike!

A large aspect of gaming is communicating with those around you and enjoying the experience together. When this factor is removed all you have is run/gunning and no one to share the game with when you fly solo. In regards to Halo: Reach, they had something good going with the Psych-Profile. It allowed you to choose who you wanted to play with, quiet for fun players, or chatty competitive players! This system fails greatly to Party-Chat though, those who you run into with mikes are almost ALWAYS in Party-Chat.

Now defenses to Party-Chat are generally these:

  • I don’t want to hear squeakers!
  • Other players that try to communicate annoy me.
    -(Other example not listed that you love it for over In-Game chatting…)

These two examples are very good reasons to enjoy party chat! It all goes off preference and honestly; who wants to hear the squeaker? But a simple fix to this is the MUTE BUTTON! LORD BE PRAISED FOR A ONE BUTTON SOLUTION! This magical button allows you to mute the annoying squeaker, while still talking to the rest of your friends/other players! Solving the whole issue!

This however, led to the Mute-Ban in Halo: Reach. In my opinion this has to be the stupidest invention I have seen in gaming. It silences those who get repetitively muted in game! The bonus to such a ban is you don’t even know it happened! One day you are playing and all of a sudden you can speak to nobody since they all have you muted at the start! Why does the game need to hold your hand? You cannot press a button yourself to mute the annoying child? The downfall in this came from simple things:

  • MLG playlist; All players mute opposing team to prevent them from hearing call-outs. (Not because the players are annoying.
  • Muting everyone because you just want to hear your friends in the game is another big one; a player will do nothing wrong but again just get muted by half the opposing team.

What do these cause? False Mute-Bans ruining a players gaming experience!


To conclude such a descriptive rant, my logic for making certain playlist’s Party-Chat Free is that it ruins social gaming entirely. Party-Chat is a fantastic tool for those who want to communicate with a group of friends across games or from dashboard to dashboard. Now this is all fine and dandy as I myself love using it for this feature, but; making specific playlist’s be Party-Chat free will greatly improve gameplay! I have seen many players on the Reach forums say that nobody talks anymore and that forums are just for whining. The simple fix is right here. Allow some playlist’s for those that want to speak to wide groups of friends, and leave the rest for those that want a public social gaming experience!

TL;DR - This took me about 15m to type and if takes you longer than 4 min to read this you are a total tool. It’s a forum not a troll house, reading is expected.

I think it’ll be about as successful as the Classic Playlist.

Good idea and all, but I don’t think it would really be played that much. People like party chat, including myself.

> I think it’ll be about as successful as the Classic Playlist.

Probably this.

Why would I want to listen to a bunch of 12 year olds screaming? That’s why I mute everyone that I don’t know. Also, wanting this game to be like Call of Duty is limited. If you want Call of Duty, play Call of -Yoinking!- Duty.