Halo 4 Packages and Questions

Tactical Package: Unlocked at SR-7

Shielding – SR-7, 1 Spartan Point
Speeds up your armor’s energy shield recharge rate.

> At what percentage does it improve the shield’s recharge rate? …also does it lessen the time it takes for the quicker recharge rate to begin the recharge?

Mobility – SR-7, 1 Spartan Point
Allows unlimited sprint.

> How long can you sprint for without the unlimited sprint? …and in general how quickly does it recharge (no HUD indicator)?

Resupply – SR-14, 1 Spartan Point
Allows the recovery of grenades from fallen allies and foes.

> Does it only recover the type of grenade you’ve chosen to carry or does it recover whatever the player had on them when they fell?

AA Efficiency – SR-14, 1 Spartan Point
Increases the rate of which energy recharges for your Armor Abilities.

> Similar to the questions asked about the Shield Tech. Package… at what percentage does it quicken the AA’s recharge rate? …and does it allow the recharge to begin quicker then normal? …plus does it have the same effect regardless to the chosen AA?

Grenadier – SR-24, 1 Spartan Point
Increases the grenade carrying capacity.

> From 2 or 1 to what amount? …and does it increase the carrying capacity for every type of 'nade or just the ones you’ve chosen to start with?

Firepower – SR-24, 1 Spartan Point
Allows you the use of a Primary Weapon in the secondary weapon slot.

Fast Track (Pioneer Specialization) – SR50, 1 Spartan Point
Allows user to advance quicker in rank.

> What percentage will it boost the experience a player receives?

Requisition (Tracker Specialization) – SR-50, 1 Spartan Point
Lets the player request new choices when an ordinance is granted.

> Just one “re-roll”? …or can you get two?

Wheelman (Operator Specialization) – SR-50, 1 Spartan Point
Increases the long term durability of your vehicle / how it reacts to EMP charges.

> How exactly does it increase the long-term durability and change the effects to EMP charges? …the details.

Support Package: Unlocked at SR-12

Ammo – SR-12, 1 Spartan Point
You get an extra clip when you spawn.

> Only one extra clip for the Primary loadout weapons? …really 343i?

Dexterity – SR-12, 1 Spartan Point
Allows faster reload times and switch weapon animation speed.

> Is it a specific percentage reduction across the board for all weapons or is it weapon specific?

Sensor – SR-20, 1 Spartan Point
Increased Motion Tracker Range.

> What is the range difference?

Awareness – SR-20, 1 Spartan Point
You retain your motion sensor while scoped.

Explosives – SR-26, 1 Spartan Point
Increases grenade strength and decreases grenade damage to the user.

> What are the percentages of increase and decrease? Also, I read somewhere else that this package only altered the effect of the grenade by increasing its damage range, but at the cost of reducing its overall damage… so which explanation is true?

Ordnance Priority – SR-26, 1 Point
Reduced Threshold for Personal Ordinance.

> How much of a reduction?

Drop Recon (Engineer Specialization) – SR-50, 1 Spartan Point
HUD Indicator for incoming ordinance.

> What is the amount of time given for the advanced indicator?

Gunner (Pathfinder Specialization) – SR-50, 1 Spartan Point
Turret Cooldown + Mobility while Carrying.

> How much longer can you maintain firing a turret before overheating it? …and how more mobility do you gain when carrying a turret?

Nemesis (Stalker Specialization) – SR-50, 1 Spartan Point
Allows users to target and track down previous attacking enemies, highlighting them on the armor’s passive sensors.

> What are the details on how this target and tracking system work? …is it vastly different than MW3’s revenge deathstreak or somewhat similar?

Stability (Rogue Specialization) – SR-50, 1 Spartan Point
Reduced Flinch While Shot In-Scope.

> For clarification purposes… all this does is it prevents your character from being shot out of a zoomed scope, correct? …or is there more to it?

Stealth (Wetwork Specialization) – SR-50, 1 Spartan Point
Faster Assassinations, Quieter Footsteps, Reduced Visibility vs. Promethean Vision.

> How much quicker are the assassinations? …does it depend on the type of assassination used? Does quieter footsteps, mean that there is zero noise when not sprinting, but only a reduced noise level when sprinting?


-looking for some informative input from those who are currently playing.