Halo: 4 operation spartan ops Crimson crew

well since i’m not good enough to be on a clan since my K/d to low i thought i’d ask who would want to join me a 2-3 man or woman spartans that want to take on spartan ops with me since in halo 4 being confermed that there are gonna be 6 challenges in spartan ops why not let us increase ous spartan careers story wise :slight_smile: post on here if interested


dude, k/d on reach will mean nothing to us when H4 comes out. want a clan? join mine :slight_smile: FLS - FrontLine Spartans, if you want good K/D we can help you, working with a clan, as a team with good communication can lead to victory in pretty much every game we play and positive K/D :slight_smile: also that means you’ll rank up faster, so yeah :slight_smile: if you want to join a clan (we are getting H4, most of us on midnight launch) join us :smiley: we are a new clan but we have about 8 members so far and more to come :slight_smile: we will officially start working together as a clan/team when H4 comes out so message me on fb or reply on this if you’re interested :slight_smile:

message me on xbox not fb oops sorry haha GT : “Xbox Purgatory”

Dude!! you’re K/D is 1.26!! that’s not -Yoink- haha that’s good in my eyes :smiley: one of FLS clan leaders has a K/D of 1.15 and i’ve played with him for almost 3 years now and he’s pro, so i assume you’re good, we’d love for you to join man :smiley: